About Us

Our Founders

Though founded in the year 2020, we’re young by the establishment but not by the experience. Our youthfulness thrives us to be agile and not alienated.

The brand Ayemoney is established by Sumit Aggarwal and Ajay Kanwar in the year 2020. The duo owns astounding experience in the varying sectors of the industry, their ‘knowing the market’- spans more than 15 years.


Who we are?

Ayemoney is a creative digital platform that provides privilege for its clients in the investment business. We’ll help you earn and save some fortunes while you spend some. So it's - spent some & earned some. We work with many disciplines of finance, and with an assurance that everything here comes with trust and integrity of the prioritized safety and transparency of the digital environment. We work together to design, build and implement decisive strategies for the benefit of our clients and the pride of people attached to our brand.



What matters to us?

What matters to us is ‘you’ and ‘your financial growth’, at Ayemoney, we understand your requirements, and we expertise in fulfilling them for your betterment. We want you to earn while you spend, and bank some savings for your fortunate future. This might sound paradox, but trust us; we know what we’re committing to.



Where do we stand?

Ayemoney is backed by people owning strong expertise of over a decade in various professions of an industry, symbolizing overwhelming experiences for prominent business entities without compromising effectiveness with aesthetics. We have been performing strategic plans and executions of the same, for some of the pre-eminent businesses of the international market, these being British Airways, Virgin Media, Airbnb, ebookers, and a lot more. We’ve embraced the latest technologies besides the traditional methods of loyalty in a business.



Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Ayemoney as a fin-tech brand that is omnipresent pan India and the across the globe.


Our Mission

To make Ayemoney bigger and much better compared to any time before, as one go-to product for anybody seeking – to spend some & earn some. By bigger, we relate you being part of it, as a client or either as an employee. And by better we relate, better service at your doorstep, anytime and from anywhere you seek our help.