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Please make sure to Add Products to your cart only after clicking out to the retailer from Ayemoney. 
Tracking Time: 5 minutes to 72 hours.
Order Amount considered for calculation of Rewards is the amount paid after subtracting GST and other charges.
After a user completes a transaction, and once we have received the resulting payout form the retailer we pass majority of that to the user. 
Only use coupon code available on Ayemoney for cashbacks.
Cashback generally gets confirmed after 60 days.

Missing Transactions:

For Missing cashback please contact within 10 days and not to the retailer.
Cashback will not be applicable if you cancel or return the order.


Category Payout

On order of Rs.201 to Rs.500

 60 / Sale

On order of Rs.501 to Rs.1000

 120 / Sale

On order of Rs.1001 and above

 255 / Sale