Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

By transferring or remembering any material for the Stage, a Part explicitly concedes:


a. To us a non-select permit (counting the option to concede sub-licenses) to utilize, repeat and disseminate that material through our Cashback Administration and some other intuitive administrations through which we or our sub-licensee make the Cashback Administration (or an assistance dependent on our administration) accessible; and


b. To different Individuals (through us, under the permit alluded to in a. over), the non-selective, individual, non-adaptable option to see the significant material.


Our Role:
Our Security Strategy shapes part of this Understanding, and by going into this Arrangement you additionally give your agree to the manner in which we handle your own information under that approach. Given the worldwide idea of the Internet, if it's not too much trouble, note that a posting on the Stage might be available to web clients around the planet.

We are not involved with any exchanges with Retailers, and are not the merchant or provider of any of the products or administrations that they make accessible. Subsequently, we don't have any of the legitimate commitments that apply to the merchants of those merchandise or administrations.

Likewise, we have no power over or obligation regarding:


a. The quality, wellbeing, or legitimateness of those merchandise or administrations accessible from Retailers; or


b. Whether the Retailer can or will supply and pass great title to any products or administrations.


Individuals should practice no lesser level of alert in going into exchanges with Retailers than they would when going into a comparative exchange disconnected. To the degree that the Material Law licenses, you discharge us, our representatives and workers from all risk emerging out of or regarding any exchanges with Retailers, including (without impediment) all cases and requests identifying with uncompleted or finished exchanges with Retailers, or products or administrations offered available to be purchased or supply, or really sold or provided, through or regarding any exchanges with Retailers.



We maintain all authority to suspend or end any Individuals admittance to our administration, or parts of it, if in our sensible view the pertinent Part or Record seems, by all accounts, to be in penetrate of any arrangement of this Understanding.


Individuals should not go into, or endeavour to go into, any exchange with a Retailer or to acquire Cashback (a) by giving individual data of another person, or an instalment technique which they are not qualified for use, (b) by misleadingly or unreasonably misusing a Retailers' contribution including however not restricted to making phony or unapproved outside references, or (c) in break of any terms and conditions applied by us or the Retailer to that exchange. We claim all authority to relinquish any forthcoming instalments or approved instalments in the Part's Record in the event of such abuse of our administration by the Part.


It is every Part's commitment to guarantee that any material posted by him/her or related with his/her Record:


a. Is not disparaging, hostile, or damaging or of a profane, foul or threatening nature;


b. Is not proposed or liable to cause unnecessary annoyance, bother or misery to any individual;


c. Does not contain any PC infection, large scale infection, deception, worm, or whatever else intended to meddle with, intrude, or upset the normal working techniques of a PC or to clandestinely block, access without power, or seize any framework, information or individual data;


d. Does not repudiate the Relevant Law or guideline (counting, yet not restricted to, laws administering shopper security, distance selling, uncalled for rivalry, against separation, bogus publicizing, copyright, brand name and protection);


e. Does not penetrate the privileges of any individual or substance (counting any rights or assumptions for security);


f. Where it establishes criticism on a Retailer, is precise and reasonable; and


g. Does not promote any merchandise or administrations.


Notwithstanding anything contained somewhere else in this Understanding and the Security Strategy, we claim all authority to research protests or revealed infringement of this Arrangement and to make any move we consider suitable, including however not restricted to announcing any presumed unlawful action to law requirement authorities, controllers, or other outsiders and unveiling any data essential or proper to such people or substances identifying with your Record, email addresses, use history, posted materials, IP locations and traffic data. Any Part, who in the sole tact of the Retailer or us, has submitted extortion being used of the Stage or our Cashback Administration or abused the Stage or the Cashback Administration, their Record will be shut, email and IP address will be boycotted so they cannot utilize it again and cannot enlist from a similar PC.


On the off chance that you see or experience anything on our Foundation that seems to encroach any of the above necessities, we might want you to illuminate us by utilizing our contact structure.


Every Part acknowledges that we are entitled, however not obliged, to pull out any material, which shows up - in light of data got from outsiders or different Individuals - to be in break of this Understanding.


Contact from outsiders:

On the off chance that anybody reaches us comparable to material or exchanges related with you or your Record, at that point you concur:


a. To give all sensible data and help we may need regarding reacting to that contact; and


b. To react instantly and precisely to it, should we pass the message to you for a reaction.


Extra administrations:

We or our accomplices may offer new or extra administrations through the Stage every now and then. Your utilization of those administrations might be dependent upon extra terms and conditions, which you should follow. Given that those terms are notified to you on the Stage in a proper way (as dictated by us in our sensible carefulness) when you consent to take those administrations, any disappointment by you to follow a material arrangement of the terms administering those administrations will add up to a penetrate of this Understanding.


Activity of our Cashback Administration:

We maintain all authority to pull out, change or suspend parts of the Cashback Administration, or its sum, where we have legitimate, security, specialized or business motivations to do as such. We will attempt to allow you 30 days early notification prior to making a such move, aside from where it is important to make a previous move for security reasons or in light of specialized troubles which would somehow antagonistically influence our administration. There may likewise be times when the Cashback Administration gets unavailable because of specialized challenges experienced by us or on the Web; we will, notwithstanding, utilize sensible ability and care to defeat these troubles where they are inside our control. Kindly note, notwithstanding, that we cannot ensure nonstop admittance to the Cashback Administration or any of the substance that shows up on it.


By the by, we will endeavour to guarantee that any times of arranged inaccessibility, which you will be educated regarding when you access the Cashback Administration at the significant time, are kept to a base.


For security or different reasons, we may expect you to change secret word or other data which encourages admittance to the Cashback Administration; in any case, we won't ever ask you for your secret word through email, phone, or some other methods other than through the Stage. You are exclusively answerable for keeping up the classification of your secret key and any extra distinguishing data.


Disclaimer and Constraint of Risk:



The substance and material from or through the Stage are given "with no guarantees," "as accessible," with "all issues", and all guarantees, express or suggested, are repudiated (counting yet not restricted to the disclaimer of any inferred guarantees of merchantability, non-encroachment, independence from blunder, and readiness for a specific reason). The data and administrations may contain bugs, mistakes, issues or different constraints. We and our partnered parties have no obligation at all for your utilization of any data or administration, besides as given in sub-segment 13(d). Specifically, yet not as a limit thereof, we and our subsidiary gatherings are not obligated for any roundabout, extraordinary, coincidental or important harms (counting harms for loss of business, loss of benefits, reserve funds, suit, or something like that), regardless of whether dependent on break of agreement, penetrate of guarantee, misdeed (counting carelessness), item risk or something else, regardless of whether educated with respect to the chance of such harms. The refutation and constraint of harms set out above are principal components of the premise of the arrangement among us and you. This Stage and the items, administrations, reports, substance and materials and data introduced would not be given without such restrictions. No exhortation or data, regardless of whether oral or composed, acquired by you from us through the Stage or in any case will make any guarantee, portrayal or assurance not explicitly expressed in this arrangement. All duty or risk for any harms brought about by infections contained inside the electronic record containing a structure or archive is renounced.



a. We warrant that the Cashback Administration will be given sensible consideration and expertise with the goal of meeting our determinations for the Cashback Administration, however we cannot and don't ensure that the Cashback Administration will meet your prerequisites.


b. We will be subject as explicitly gave in this Understanding, yet will have no other commitment, obligation or risk at all in agreement, misdeed (counting carelessness, break of legal obligation and some other misdeed) or something else.


c. Limitation of Risk: Subject consistently to sub-Statement d. underneath, we will be at risk for direct misfortune or harm just, regardless of whether in agreement, misdeed (counting carelessness, penetrate of legal obligation or other misdeed) or something else, and whether brought about by its demonstration or exclusion or that of its workers, specialists or subcontractors. The total obligation of Price Review Online Pvt Limited  and the associated parties regarding any case emerging out of or identifying with the Stage as well as the items, data, archives and administrations gave in this or thusly will not surpass Rs 500 and that sum will be in lieu of any remaining cures which you may host against us and any subsidiary gathering to us.


d. We won't be subject to you or any other person, regardless of whether in agreement, misdeed (counting carelessness, break of legal obligation or other misdeed) or something else


i. (A) for any deficiency of income, business, foreseen reserve funds or benefits; (B)any blunders in or oversights from the Stage or any administrations or items possible along these lines; (C) the inaccessibility or interference of the Stage or any highlights thereof; (D) your utilization of the Stage; (E) the substance and materials contained on the Stage; (F) or any deferral or disappointment in execution outside our ability to control or any of our associated parties.


ii. For any backhanded, exceptional or important misfortune harm, costs or different cases, howsoever caused or emerging, regardless of whether through non-supply or late stock of the Cashback Administration or other non-execution of this Understanding or something else.


iii. Except as explicitly expressed somewhere else in this Understanding, all portrayals, guarantees, conditions and different terms, regardless of whether express or suggested (by customary law, resolution, correspondingly or something else) are therefore barred, with the exception of misrepresentation, or where such avoidance isn't allowed by Material Law.


iv. For the evasion of uncertainty, we won't have obligation to you or some other individual in regard of material contributed by Individuals, exchanges (or non-exchanges) with Retailers, or any movement or correspondence identifying with such material or exchanges.


The arrangements of this Provision 14 will endure the end or expiry of this Understanding.


Outsider Substance:

Outsider substance and materials may show up on the Stage or might be available through hyperlinks from the Stage. We are not liable for and accept no obligation at all for any errors, misquotes of law, slander, exclusions, lie, indecency, pornography or irreverence in the articulations, feelings, portrayals or some other type of substance and materials showing up on the Stage or open by means of hyperlinks from the Stage.



You thus explicitly consent to get interchanges via SMS, messages, versatile application and program notifications, and some other messages occasionally from Price Review Online Pvt Limited identifying with Administrations gave through the Site.



You consent to reimburse us against all liabilities, claims and costs that may emerge out of or regarding (a) any penetrate of this Arrangement by you or through your Record, or (b) any exchange with a Retailer.



We maintain whatever authority is needed to allot this Understanding, and to dole out or subcontract any or the entirety of our privileges and commitments under this Arrangement, yet won't do as such so as to diminish any promises you are given under this Arrangement. You may not without our composed assent allocate or discard this Arrangement, nor subcontract any of your privileges and commitments under it.


Whole Arrangement:

This Understanding is expected to contain your whole concurrence with us identifying with the Cashback Administration; we trust it to be reasonable and sensible. It replaces every prior arrangement and understandings with you identifying with the Cashback Administration, aside from any misrepresentation or deceitful portrayal by both of us.


Changes to this Understanding:

We claim all authority to change this Arrangement every now and then, and post the new form on the Cashback Administration. At the point when we do as such, we will post the new form of the Concession to the Cashback Administration, and the new form of these terms and conditions will produce results, and will administer the Cashback Administration and your relationship with us:


  1. Commencing no under three days after the date of posting (or such later date as we demonstrate in the significant posting), if any of the progressions is to a usable arrangement of this Understanding which is prepared to do antagonistically influencing you; on the off chance that you don't wish to be represented by the new form of the Arrangement, you may notify us at the very latest the date when the new form of the Arrangement is to produce results, and from that date you should stop to utilize our administration or


  1. Immediately upon the date of posting (or such later date as we demonstrate in the applicable posting), if the progressions are not to usable arrangements, or not prepared to do unfavourably influencing you - instances of which would incorporate, without limit, changes to contact subtleties alluded to, or the refinement of arrangements that are now included, in this Understanding.



If any term of this Arrangement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of this Understanding will stay legitimate and enforceable. You and us are self-employed entities, and no office, organization, joint endeavour or representative manager relationship is planned or made by this Arrangement. Our inability to act regarding a break by you or others doesn't defer our entitlement to act concerning ensuing or comparative penetrates.


Administering Law:

This Understanding, and our relationship with you and every Part, is administered according to the Indian Laws. You and we each submit to the non-elite locale of the Indian courts according to debates emerging regarding this Understanding.


Keeping this Arrangement:

We don't independently record the individual Arrangements went into by Individuals when they register for the Cashback Administration. You can get to it at www.Price Review Online Pvt Limited .com. If it's not too much trouble, settle on a strong duplicate of this Understanding by printing and additionally saving a downloaded duplicate on your own PC. It is offered in English as it were.