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About Us:

Ayemoney is a creative digital platform that provides privileges for its clients in the investment business. We assist our customers to earn as well as save, while making an investment. Putting it in layman language, its basically "saving while spending". We work with various disciplines of finance with an assurance that is substantiated by trust and integrity as well as safety and transparency of the digital environment. We work together to design, build and implement decisive strategies for the benefit of our clients and for the pride of the people attached to our brand.

Where do we stand?

Ayemoney is supported by people with strong expertise ranging over decades in various professional fields, symbolizing overwhelming experiences along with aesthetics for prominent business entities without compromising on the overall effectiveness. We have been performing strategic plans and executions for some of the leading businesses in the international market some of them being British Airways, Virgin Media, Airbnb, ebookers, and others. We have embraced the latest innovations along with the traditional notion of loyalty towards our customers.

Our founders

Founded in the year 2020, we may be young by the establishment but definately not by experience. We may have began our journey just a year ago but we are certainly not amateurs and value professional knowledge along with expertise.

The brand Ayemoney was established by Sumit Aggarwal and Ajay Kanwar in the year 2020. The duo posesses the know-how with a diverse experience of 15 years.

What matters to us?

What matters to us is ‘our’ customer and its ‘financial growth’. At Ayemoney, we understand our customer's requirements, and we expertise in fulfilling them for their betterment. We want our customers to save as they spend, and bank those savings for future. Money saved equals money earned. This may sound as a paradox, but have faith on us; we know what are committing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Ayemoney as a fin-tech brand that is omnipresent not just pan India but also across the globe.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build our brand value, becoming better than yesterday, striving for perfection, with an ultimate motive to provide a one go-to product for anybody seeking to make a investment as well as save in the due process. By becoming bigger, we mean you, as a customer, being a part of it or as a client or either as an employee. And by better we mean to provide efficient service at your doorstep, anytime and from anywhere you seek our assistance.

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